Original WW II Nazi German Luftwaffe Gravity knife, 1st Pattern SMF


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Fresh find from a Normandy landing veteran’s estate, just as brought home by a US GI when he returned from the War.  SMF (Stocker & Co., also known as Solingen Metallwarenfabrik) marked and numbered and in above average condition overall.  It is numbered 275 and is an early war example.  The springs still work and there are numerous small dings opposite the lanyard end that almost look like hammering marks.


The knife shows use and wear overall and the walnut slab grips have a few dents and dings, but nothing major.  The blade etching is strong and clear. At some point, the blade has been cleaned and shows crazing marks, which can be polished out if so desired.


The “Flieger-Kappmesser” (Flyer’s Jackknife) was introduced by the German Luftwaffe in 1937. Although this knife has become indelibly linked with German paratroopers, it was in fact intended for issue to all Luftwaffe air crew. This iconic WWII German knife had a distinctive look, with wooden grips and a four inch, gravity propelled, locking blade as well as a spike which could be used to pick apart knots. The trousers issued to members of Fallschirmjäger units were outfitted with a special pocket intended for carrying this important tool, which in the reality of war, could also be used as a fighting weapon. In 1943, a second, “takedown” form of this knife appeared, with features which allowed for the easy disassembly of the knife for cleaning and maintenance. Both types of this Luftwaffe Gravity Knife (as these are known to collectors) were produced by multiple factories, and exist in multiple variations, making them appealing to collectors.


This one is bargain priced compared to most on the market ($1,100-1,600)!

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