Pristine Colt M1911 .38 Super, competition grade built by Jim Clark, Sr.

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Beautiful example of this incredible handgun originally manufactured in 1958, when Colt quality was surpassed by NONE. This fine weapon has a competition grade Bo-Mar rib and accuracy “Tuner” top slide rail with adjustable sight, Pachmayer Signature Model wrap around grips, adjustable pull competition trigger, polished and burnished barrel and a near pristine bore. According to the family history, it was originally custom built and tuned by Jim Clark Sr. (1923–2000), a noted gunsmith and founder of Clark’s Custom Guns (1950) who won the US National shooting championship in 1958 as well as the 1985 Pistolsmith of the Year award.

“A rough equivalent would be designing and building an Indy 500 racecar, then climbing into the cockpit and winning the race”.

Overall original finish is 95%+ and action is flawless. If you ever wanted an example to shoot that is ready to go, look no more! For safety purposes, NO WEAPON over 20 years old is warranted safe to fire until YOU have it inspected to your satisfaction by a competent gunsmith. FFL or C&R license required for transfer.

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