RARE antebellum VOLCANIC #1 Pocket Pistol, aka “Baby Henry Rifle”

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This is an exceptional fully engraved hand gun, serial #1646, clearly marked “New haven, Conn.” and “Patent Feb. 14, 1854” on the top flat of the barrel.
The guns were produced by the New Haven Arms Company and are some of the most RARE historic and important weapons in the history of the development of modern repeating firearms. The company is probably most famous for manufacturing the famous Henry Rifle and for being the beginning of the legacy of Oliver Winchester, and his subsequent company Winchester Repeating Arms. The New Haven Arms Company was built from the remains of Volcanic which had been formed in July of 1855 as a joint stock company by Horace Smith, Daniel Wesson, and Courtland Palmer, with a number of investors, including Oliver Winchester, a shirt manufacturer from New Haven, CT.

The company produced two frame size pistols, the No. 1 in .31 caliber and the No. 2 in .41 caliber. The No.1 was manufactured as a 4” pocket pistol and a 6” target pistol, and the No. 2 was produced as a 6” or 8” “Navy” pistol, as well as a carbine with a 16”, 20” or 24” barrel.

Between 1857 and 1862, only 850 New Haven Arms Company No. 1 Pocket Pistols were manufactured with this example being manufactured circa 1859. This is a very fine museum and investment grade weapon and not one easily located.

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