RARE authentic and original English Lobster tail colonial helmet armor 1600-1640s era


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This is a common type of English heavy cavalry helmet as used in the Thirty Years’ War and again in the English Civil Wars and examples are known to have been used in the American colonies, especially Jamestown and Williamsburg, well into the early 1700s. The basic form is commonly referred to as “Dutch” style (but 100% English) with a ribbed one-piece skull, rolled edge visor,  sliding nasal bar and four lame (section) neck guard.  The helmet is extremely sound and complete with fragmentary line bands. The “tail” is secured by domed rivets which pierce the double plate overlap and immobilize the articulation of the neck protection.


The remaining leather, rivets and gussets all exhibit  commensurate age and period use. It is well documented  that large numbers of lobstertail helmets used in the English Civil Wars of 1642-51 and generally were considered as Thirty Years’ War surplus.  Many scores of hundreds entered colonial America in the 1600s and were extensively used by both English and local militia forces.  “Pot helmets” of the period were made with both articulated and non-articulated neck defenses.  If you like colonial era items, this beauty fits right in and makes a breathtaking display piece.  Condition, for the age, is remarkable.


This type of headgear is one of the defining helmets of the Oliver Cromwell era in England. It was often worn by troopers of the Parliamentarian “Roundhead” Cavalry – specifically the “Harquebusier” light cavalry troopers who wore helmets, wore buff coats and carried cuirasses (iron breast plates) for protection.

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