RARE Civil War cavalry officer M1840/60 sword with brass scabbard !


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One of the swords produced prior to the Civil War and the type used as a pattern by Thomas Griswold & Company of New Orleans, Louisiana, for their Confederate officer swords. At a glance, most would assume it IS Confederate as it has an unstopped fuller blade and is not etched, but there is a faint French maker mark on the spine of the blade. The sword retains a generous portion of the original shagreen grip covering and full brass wire wrap. The scabbard is brass and has typical field use dents and dings from use. This is a very well constructed antebellum edged weapon of which few examples have survived. This one turned up in an estate in Rhode Island a few months ago—it could have been used by a Union soldier or captured from a Confederate—no way to tell. Bargain priced for the pattern.

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