RARE Civil War Confederate Richmond Armory musketoon / rifle 1862

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Very few of the artillery musketoon / rifles were produced at the Confederate Armory in Richmond, Virginia as compared to the 3-band rifled muskets.  Existing records show approximately 600 short barrel weapons with rifle length barrels of 33” were produced from 1860-1865.  This particular weapon features a US marked buttplate, a crude cast brass nosecap,  a ramrod channel milled for a straight ramrod, “pinched” front sight and offset “U” barrel band alignment stamps.  The ramrod, which appears to be original to the weapon, was likely from a US Model 1855 Harpers Ferry rifled musket but shortened for use with the musketoon/rifle.  There is an old crack behind the lock area as shown but the weapon stock is very solid.  There is a partial name and initials carved in the stock opposite the lock plate but not quite legible enough to make out.

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