Rare Civil War Savage Navy percussion revolver with threaded muzzle!

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Manufactured by the Savage Revolving Firearms Company circa 1861 to 1862, this original  percussion sidearm is an original double action Army contract   revolver in very good condition.  In 1860, business partners Henry S. North and Edward Savage of Middletown, Connecticut established the manufacturing firm in that city and produced a total of 20,000 revolvers from 1861 through the mid 1860s.  This particular weapon has a clear US Government inspector stamp on the bottom of the left grip.

The handgun is a .36 caliber double action model with a six shot plain rounded cylinder and a 7  1/8” long octagonal barrel that employs a hinged type loading lever assembly. The barrel retains its brass cone type tapered front sight and has been THREADED, likely for use with a longer barrel!  This feature is known to exist on at least one other example but is incredibly RARE.  The revolver frame is flat sided and fitted with a heart shaped trigger / lever guard.  The fine, two piece walnut grips exhibit a smooth and mellow overall patina.  The top of the frame is crisply stamped with the maker mark and patent dates.

The original percussion nipples protrude from the side of the cylinder and are in good condition overall.  The original frame screws are in very good condition overall.  The entire revolver displays a medium dark, smooth plum gray-brown patina on the metal surfaces.  Mechanically, it functions properly but action is a bit sluggish–a good cleaning will make it far better.

This rather unique specimen is an investment grade weapon that would certainly compliment any antique gun collection.

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