Rare HALBACH AND SONS, Baltimore, Maryland, brass barrel pistol 1780-1810

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This Federal period flintlock pistol, converted to percussion, is a .52 caliber single shot pistol with a  5-7/8″ long unmarked brass octagonal (2-3/4″) and round smooth bore.  The  4″ long lock is unmarked, as most are, and fits well into the hand carved stock.  The original wooden ramrod is no longer present. The brass furniture consists of nose cap, single rammer pipe, trigger guard with finial, star-burst engraving on bow, buttcap engraved with Halbach eagle motif and an engraved triangular sideplate.  The walnut stock is 11″ long and has a very nice relief shell carving around barrel tang apron.

Halbach and Sons began business in Baltimore, Maryland around 1780. They were famous for producing brass/bronze cannon muzzle style barrels and similar mountings.  A Halbach and Sons pistol can readily be identified by the brass butt cap that depicts an American spread eagle surrounded by 13 stars. This pistol is an example of the lack of production standardization in the latter 18th century.  The brass butt cap has an American folk art style engraving but it does not have any of the stamps that signify it as a Halbach and Sons pistol.

It is unknown how many of these pistols were produced but numbers are estimated in the 300-500 range for this pattern.  This weapon, converted to percussion ignition, likely saw later service in the American Civil War.

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