RARE Model 1797 Evans Pennsylvania Contract musket, original flintlock


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One of an estimated 1,000-2,000 ever produced and delivered to the Pennsylvania Militia. This fine old weapon is full length and retains the original ramrod and is still in flintlock form. The lock is marked “Evans” vertical behind the hammer and also “CP” (note the “C” is lightly stamped, but visible) for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Few surviving examples are known and they were used by Pennsylvania and US forces in the War of 1812, the Seminole Wars, the Mexican War and even in the early years of the Civil War. It has some small slivers of wood missing near the muzzle, on the forearm and behind the lockplate as shown but overall is in fine untouched condition for the pattern. Action is crisp and muzzle wear is minimal. Sling swivels have been removed and filed down MANY years ago, not uncommon as slings were not used in the field as often as Hollywood would have you think.

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