RARE original Colt Single Action Army made in 1875, inspected by A.P. Casey #19306


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This fine old .45 Colt comes with a notarized letter from John A. Kopec, the most well known Colt author and historian in the world.  Kopec states the weapon likely was one of those issued to the 7th US Cavalry and altered after the Battle of Little Big Horn.  He further states there is a slight possibility it could also have been one issued to the 5th US Cavalry during the Apache Wars in Arizona.


Kopec notes the barrel was period shortened to 5.5” and a crude front sight was fitted.  The ejector assembly is missing (and for a very, very long time) which is a trait sometimes seen with Indian used handguns.  Remarkably, even the grips are original and Kopec notes “no evidence of fakery or deception” on it.  If you want a REAL cowboy, Indian Wars era handgun from very early in the production run, you may just have found it!

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