Rare pre WW1 era Austrian Werndl Rifle sword bayonet, scabbard and throg

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Rare Austrian Model 1873 Werndl Rifle pattern sword bayonet and scabbard for NCO issue complete with the original leather belt throg. (Kiesling #380). Blade has not been arsenal altered but manufactured in this length (468mm/18.5″). Excellent pressed and checked composition grips, no nicks or damage to tip, untouched patina, very supple leather and a war trophy brought home by a local Doughboy after WW1.

The M1867/73 Werndl–Holub was a single-shot breechloading rifle that the Austrian – Hungarian Army adopted in 1867. It replaced the Wanzl breechloader conversion of the muzzle loading Lorenze rifle.  Josef Werndl (1831–1889) and Karel Holub (1830–1903) designed and patented their rifle; Werndl later bought out all the rights, but was involved in name only.
OEWG (Österreichische Waffenfabriksgesellschaft) produced the Werndl and chambered it for the 11mm scharfe Patrone M.67 (11.15×42mmR) cartridge. In 1877, the military rechambered the Werndl for the bottleneck 11mm scharfe Patrone M.77 (11.15×58mmR) cartridge.
In spite of the Werndl being obsolete by World War I, the Austrian – Hungarian forces still issued Werndl rifles to rear echelon units to free up more modern rifles for use by front line troops.
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