RARE US Model 1873 Trapdoor Springfield carbine, heavy Indian War use !

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This old warhorse started life as a standard M1873 carbine and, at some point in time, was arsenal re-fitted with the new and improved trap door assembly of a Model 1884 carbine.  The serial number is 182xxx with a star, indicating it was initially reworked April to June, 1882.  This weapon retains the correct “C” marked rear sight and is mechanically functional, albeit a bit “rode hard and put up wet” overall.  The stock and metal parts show hard use and exposure to weather for a very, very long time—it looks a great deal like “Indian” used carbines of the 1870-1890 era.  This weapon surfaced at an estate auction in western NC but originated in North Texas many decades ago.  If this old gal could talk, you can sure bet there would be tales to tell!

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