RARE Winchester Model 1894 Rifle #685611 101 Ranch veteran! Oklahoma Territory marked

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This is a very historical firearm chambered in .30 WCF (.30-.30 caliber) that came from the 101 Ranch Collection which dissolved in 2008.  This rare weapon is borderline exotic as it not only has the Miller Brothers buttstock cover but also has a factory vent rim!  Unlike most every example M1894 known, this one is stamped on the left side barrel flat rather than the top!


The rib has a buckhorn sight on the rear and a ramped blade front sight with silver bead.  The stock is stamped with “101” on the left wrist and the leather buttstock wrap is neatly hand stamped “Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Ponca City OT No. 134”  The factory swivels and period sling are still intact as well.  The bottom of the frame is stamped “ODIN ALEX VA” which indicates the weapon went overseas and was returned to the US, likely from one of the many world tours the ranch attended.


The 101 Ranch was founded in 1879 by Col. George Washington Miller near what is now Ponca City. It grew to over 110,000 acres and covered four Oklahoma counties.  The ranch was known as the place where the myth of the wild west and reality came together, and it was also a fully functional cattle ranch for many decades.  The multitude of Wild West shows based at the ranch boasted the likes of Buffalo Bill Cody, Apache Chief Geronimo and was often frequented by the early western movies stars such as Tom Mix, Hoot Gibson and Ben Johnson, all of whom started as field cowboys at the ranch!  Other western show stars such as Princess Wenona (Lillian Smith), a famous female sharpshooter, often went to the ranch.


If you like unique items related to the American “Wild West,” this is a major centerpiece of any collection.

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