Secondary Confederate Palmetto Armory M1842 pistol

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Exceptional condition for this pattern of weapon and right from an old collection where it has resided 75+ years.  One of the few I have ever seen that did NOT have a crack at the wrist!  The Palmetto Armory manufactured 2,000 Model 1842 Pistols solely a military contract with the South Carolina Militia in 1852-3. The Palmetto Armory was formed by William Glaze and Benjamin Flagg.   Flagg was a former Superintendent of the Asa Waters factory in Milbury, Massachusetts.

The Palmetto Armory pistols were among the first firearms issued to Confederate troops at the outbreak of the Civil War in April, 1861. The pistol is a standard pattern Model 1842 pistol that was finished with a bright barrel, lock and swivel ramrod. The trigger guard, buttcap, and combination side plate barrel band are brass and the stock is oil-finished walnut. The lock is marked: “COLUMBIA / S.C. 1852” vertically behind the hammer and is stamped with the distinctive palmetto tree surrounded by “PALMETTO, ARMORY S*C” in a circle. The left barrel flat is stamped: “Wm GLAZE&CO.”. The top of the barrel is stamped with a “P”, “V” and “Palmetto Tree” proof and the barrel tang is dated “1853”. The pistol has no other visible markings and the stock is absent of any cartouches, common the the US pattern handguns.  Firearms from the South Carolina Palmetto Armory are a rare and important martial arm highly sought after by collectors.

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