Smith and Wesson Double Action Model 1917 .45 revolver, 1937 Brazilian Contract

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NOTE: Federal Firearms or Federal Curio and Relic license required for purchase and transfer (unless local and you have a valid permit).  Any weapon over 10 years of age is NOT warranted safe to fire even though the mechanical action is flawless.  It is recommended, before firing, that you have the weapon checked out by a gunsmith.

Fine example of the US Model 1917 Smith and Wesson .45 caliber revolver as manufactured in 1937 for Brazil utilizing many parts from WW1 era revolvers as well as newly manufactured ones.  Chambered in .45 and able to fire either .45 Long Colt or .45 acp automatic cartridges, this 5.5″ barrel revolver is a powerhouse with a slot rear sight and a blade front.  The factory checkered grips have a silver metal S&W logo in place and the entire weapon has been rebuilt, tightened up and refinished by a master gunsmith.  The timing and action is flawless and the bore is far above average for the weapon.

These firearms were used by the Brazilian military and police and some even found their way to Germany in WW2, used by home guard forces.  They are a pleasure to shoot and rapidly are becoming extinct in the collector market–first decent one we have seen in a decade, and right out of an old Florida collection.


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