(CG) Spectacular Civil War Confederate fighting knife , massive!


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This is one BAD BOY of a fighting knife!  The heavy iron blade measures over 10.5″ in length and is a whopping 1 5/8″ wide at the ricasso.  It has been honed to a close to razor sharp edge and is double edged with a full length median ridge to make it even stronger!  The iron guard is around 3mm thick–that’s a LOT–and is faceted with 8 sides.  The grip is Tennessee maple with a slight tiger grain and the ferrule is cast lead.  The pommel has a brass coin shaped cap that is well made and formed.  The only detraction is minor–a small hairline fracture in the grip that extends from the pommel forward, typical on burl grained wood–but none is missing or going to fall out.

The Rebel that held this one knew he could handle any close fighting that he encountered, for sure.  This is one MEAN looking weapon that would enhance ANY Civil War era blade display or collection.  The form is most typical to western Virginia to eastern Tennessee in the early War era.  This one not only likely saw the elephant, but may have taken one down as well!

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