Superb State of New York SNY Civil War belt buckle, Chancellorsville, Virginia ! Unique

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This is an incredible find–not only a very rare Civil War belt plate, but one which not only was found on a major battlefield, Chancellorsville, Virginia–from private property, legally–in 1978, but showing a soldier’s ingenuity as the tongue is clearly a field repair using an IRON hook!  This plate was recovered June 4, 1978 and has been in a private collection for over 40+ years.  It is not only in fantastic condition, but truly is one of a kind.  The item is pictured with the original asking price tag from a major Civil War show…this one is a “must have.”  The mellow chocolate patina on the face is simply beautiful on this rare puppy paw stud plate with full lead solder filler on the back.

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