The FINEST M1872 Indian Wars sack coat we have ever seen!

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This is truly one of the most honest, complete and original sergeant of Cavalry sack coats that has ever been found in many decades.  Adorned with a fine silk corded yellow trim on the collar and cuffs and complete with the original chevrons, this unlined M1872 field coat is what was worn on the plains of the United States in the westward expansion era.  It has very, very little insect or rodent damage and not much wear, either, compared to most on the market.  The silk corded trim is a carry-over from the Civil War years and technically, it could be as early as 1867.  Unfortunately, any known family history was lost decades ago other than it originated in Montana in the 1950s.  Absolutely stunning in every respect and even has the original raised shield eagle buttons still in place.

Uniforms of this era will one day reach the values commanded by Civil War pieces–as a long term investment in a militaria collection, PURE GOLD!

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