US M5 Kiffe bayonet with sheath for Korean War era M1 Garand

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Nice honest one, snap on latch strap has pulled from canvas fabric, blade by Kiffe.  US pattern M5 bayonet by Kiffe Japan in its M8A1 P.W.H. inspected sheath. Grip with chequered plastic grip scales has release catch to the front underside and peened tang to the pommel. M4 spear point blade with false edge to the top is signed KIFFE JAPAN. In its US M8A1 green plastic scabbard with integral frog and tie down loop hole in the tip.

Little seems to be known about these Japanese manufactured M5 bayonets, but Kiffe is an American firm set up in the 1870’s and by the 1950/60’s, when these knives were made for them in Japan, they were based on Broadway in New York and dealing in military surplus arms and ammo. They were probably made to coincide with the release of surplus M1 rifles from US ordnance stores and would have been supplied to buyers of these guns, probably including sales to foreign governments who equipped their armies with the M1’s as they became available. In very good condition with working catch and fine grips with no chips or cracks, a nice clean blade and a good issue scabbard, an interesting and rarely seen variant of the regulation US bayonet of WW2, manufactured in Japan possibly by Howa who manufactured Japanese army issue carbines and bayonets at this time.

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