WWII Army Air Corps Flyers Cap, ID’d


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Excellent condition US WWII Army Air Corps flyers cap identified to Staff. Sgt. Nesbit Bryce Niles. Born in 1911 in Ogdensburg, New York he enlisted at age 30 into the US Army Air Corps and served for the entire War, 1941-1945, and spent tours in the Far East at Iwo Jima, Saipan, and Okinawa. He was considered to be an outstanding decoder and spent some time after the War “speaking” in Morse Code during sleep, according to his family. He contracted Dengue Fever while overseas and was never interested in talking about the war or any exploits, but often said he was so tired that he never gave it a thought when he slept on ammo dumps. He also sang on Armed Forces radio and enjoyed San Diego and Hawaii, but but never wanted to revisit the Japanese islands again. He died in 1985 at Syracuse, New York.

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