WWII US GI M1 carbine made by Inland Motors Division, General Motors, 1942-3

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NOTE: Federal Firearms or Federal Curio and Relic license required for purchase and transfer (unless local and you have a valid permit).  Any weapon over 10 years of age is NOT warranted safe to fire even though the mechanical action is flawless.  It is recommended, before firing, that you have the weapon checked out by a gunsmith.

Here is a classic example of a WW2 combat carbine chambered in .30 carbine which was heavily used by US forces in both the European and Pacific theaters of War from 1942-1945.  They further saw use in conflicts around the globe including Korea and many saw action in Viet Nam as well.  This carbine shows average field use and has no major defects.  It appears to function fine and has not only an original blued GI magazine but the oiler in the butt sling slot as well.  The action is tight and all markings legible except for those near the muzzle–they are a bit faint and difficult to read.  This particular example is the “Chevrolet” model of infantry workhorse and was made in late 1942 to early 1943 based on the serial number, which is 322320.  It is a decent collectible that could be shot if so desired as the bore is well above average.  It was imported by Blue Sky Imports in the late 1980s from Korean arsenals as tens of thousands of them as well as M1 Garands were “gifted” to the South Korean Military in the Cold War era.  The marking has no effect on how the carbine shoots or functions–it merely identifies where it was last used.

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