Awesome Lt. Col. of Infantry identified frock coat , FIRST Union regiment to enter Richmond, Virginia !


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If you want a fine line officer coat of high rank from an officer who was THERE, here it is.  This is one of the most well documented uniform frock coats extant today and comes with a stack of research, information, images and more!  The coat was worn by Lt. Col. Normand Smith of the 13th New Hampshire which has a stellar war record!  It is also likely to be the same coat he was wearing when wounded at Ft. Harrison, Virginia, in 1864.  The frock shows clear use of heavy field and camp wear and there is some minor insect damage as well.  A few seams have opened but we will have them tightened up prior to shipment so it will be ready for display.  It is a standard pattern double breasted line or staff officer style of custom tailored uniform frock coat made of fine blue broadcloth wool and fully lined in polished cotton.  It has eagle I infantry buttons all over, which are original as well.  When found many years ago, it had the original silk sword sash but that is no longer present.

The 13th New Hampshire is credited to be the first Union regiment to enter the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia and there is an original piece of paper in Col. Smith’s hand noting where it was found!  This is one HEAVY action unit and the owner saw the elephant scores of times!  If you like identified cloth, it just doesn’t get much better.  This fine grouping once sold many years ago for $15,000 !

E N G A G E M E N T S  

    Fredericksburg, Va.                        Dec. 11-16, 1862
    Getty's Night Assault                         Dec. 13, 1862
    Siege of Suffolk, Va.                Apr. 10 to May 4, 1863
    Providence Church Road, Va.                     May 3, 1863
    Port Walthall, Va.                             May 6,7,1864
    Swift Creek, Va.                            May 9, 1O, 1864
    Proctor's and Kingsland Creeks, Va.        May 12, 13, 1864
    Drewry's Bluff, Va.                         May 14-16, 1864
    Bermuda Hundred (Front), Va. 
                      May 16-27,1864; Aug. 27 to Sept. 28, 1864
    Cold Harbor, Va.                             June 1-12,1864
    Battery Five, Petersburg, Va.                  June 15,1864
    Siege of Petersburg, Va.           June 15 to Aug. 27, 1864
    Mine Explosion, Petersburg, Va.               July 30, 1864
    Fort Harrison, Va., capture of               Sept. 29, 1864
    Fort Harrison, Va., defense of               Sept. 30, 1864
    Fair Oaks, Va.                                Oct. 27, 1864
    Richmond, Va., occupation of                  Apr.  3, 1865

    The 13th N. H. V. furnished the first troops, and its
colors were the first to enter the city.

Here is the online service record for Lt. Col. Normand Smith:
Residence Stewartstown NH; 32 years old.
Enlisted on 9/19/1862 as a Captain.
On 9/27/1862 he was commissioned into "H" Co. NH 13th Infantry 
He was Mustered Out on 6/21/1865 at Richmond, VA

He was listed as:
* Wounded 9/29/1864 Fort Harrison, VA

* Major 7/15/1864 
* Lt Colonel 10/28/1864 

Other Information:
born in Windsor, VT

After the War he lived in Richmond, VA
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