Civil War Tower Enfield Pattern 1858 RIFLE, nice, 1861 dated

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Very nice overall condition and far more rare to find than the English exported three band rifled musket, the Pattern 1853. This example is dated 1861 and has NO English issue markings, clearly indicating it came to the USA or Confederate States (via the Blockade) for Civil War use. Action is crisp and the bore is decent–it was used by a living history guy back in the 1970s to 1980s and he fired it regularly–the only two non-orginal parts are the percussion nipple and the rear sight. This is a very honest example of the types of weapons issued early in the War on BOTH sides, North and South, especially to flank companies of a regiment or the best skirmishers! Priced well below typical market retail.

The lockplate is clearly impressed marked TOWER and 1861, as most imported Enfield weapons are. The stud near the muzzle accomodates a large sabre bayonet rather than a socket type. These weapons were slung from the upper band to the lower buttstock, unlike the rifled muskets which are slung from the upper band to the triggerguard bow. Caliber is .577 and the original knurled and slotted ramrod is correct and original to the weapon.

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