Exceptional British Cavalry carbine, Revolutionary War era, by Brander

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Beyond rare, this exceptional original flintlock cavalry carbine was manufactured by Martin Brander (1760-1827) and follows the pattern of the Pattern 1756 series with attributes of those made from 1777 to 1801.  Martin was the son of William Brander who was a major manufacturer of British military weapons during the late Colonial through Revolutionary War era.  His son, Martin, took over the entire business by 1782.  The barrel has standard British acceptance proofs plus a stamped “M.B” and all parts are original and matching, including the ramrod.  This fine condition weapon has been museum cleaned and a portion of the comb of the stock shows a very old professional repair.  The condition is outstanding for a weapon of that age.  The earliest known use of the combination of “M.B” and “Brander” on a weapon dates to 1777 when Martin was still apprenticed to the trade of his father and the Brander weapons were known issued to British troops who served in the American Revolutionary War.


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