Fine and rare Civil War US Springfield M1861 rifled musket dated 1861


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The unicorn for most Civil War collectors, this is a FINE example of the standard Union infantry weapon of the Civil War. Manufactured to fire the deadly .58 caliber minie ball, this beautiful weapon is in near armory bright from one end to the other. The lock and barrel are both dated 1861 and it retains the original leather sling! At some point, the wood was lightly cleaned which blurred the “ESA” inspector cartouche, but it is still visible in the oiled walnut stock.

This gun may be in this magnificent condition because the percussion cone was broken off many decades ago–it can be removed by a gunsmith if so desired and a replacement can be installed (if you want to fire it). The bore is crisp and strong with minor spotty areas of corrosion and pitting, showing it has been fired. I will include an ORIGINAL percussion cone nipple with this fine weapon, in case somebody wants to install it.

In all candor, this is the FINEST example of an M1861/1861 I have seen on the open market in over FOUR years. Pure museum and investment grade overall.

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