Large grouping of 100 Civil War DROPPED Union minie ball bullets

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Excellent opportunity to stock up or even begin a business with, this is a single lot of 100 near flawless “dropped” Civil War Union minie balls as found in camps and battlefields around Richmond, Petersburg and Fredericksburg, Virginia over 35 years ago!  It would be near impossible these days to find that many if you searched for over a year, as development has taken most of the property where the soldiers lived and fought.  This grouping is from a collector who hoarded these for many decades and they are unsorted as to types–just separated into bags of 100 in a military ammo can (which contains 10 bags or 1,000 bullets).  As they were counted, any that were fired or damaged were sorted out into the lots of FIRED bullets (see separate listing).  These bullets weigh around an ounce each, so the containers are HEAVY–but they will fit in a flat rate box for shipment.  We have a few thousand to liquidate but once they are gone, they simply are GONE.  If you have need for them, don’t wait–they won’t be around forever in bulk like this.  Price includes shipping to the continental US.

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