MINT William Bond, London, pepperbox revolver, .32 caliber


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This is one of the finest examples known of the pepperbox revolvers of William Bond of London, England. It is a six shot percusson revolver with strong case colors, original blue finish and fine varnished grained walnut stocks. The action is crisp as new, too! William Bond was a famed gunsmith in a family of famed gunsmiths and was known for his extremely high quality weapons. He worked at 59 Lombard Street in London and was active from 1830 until around 1854. This weapon was manufactured circa 1850 and would be classified as antebellum, as many of the weapons made by him as well as his sons were exported to America, North and South, both prior to and during the American Civil War. He was also known for producing fine quality cased pepperbox revolvers, which at one time this one likely was! If you ever wanted a close to NEW engraved and functional Civil War era pepperbox, you simply won’t find one any nicer anywhere.

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