RARE Confederate Civil War LeMat “Grapeshot” revolver

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RARE AND DESIRABLE CONFEDERATE FIRST-SECOND MODEL TRANSITIONAL LeMAT REVOLVER #625.  One of the most desirable and important Confederate revolvers on the market today, this rare transitional First-Second Model LeMat revolver serial number 625 is all matching and fully functional.  This LeMat “Grapeshot” revolver was invented by Dr. Jean Alexandre Francois LeMat of New Orleans, Louisiana circa 1856 and is a 9-shot, .42 caliber percussion revolver which features a massive and unique secondary .63 caliber smooth bore barrel capable of firing either buckshot or grapeshot.  A pivoting striker on the hammer is used to select the “shotgun” barrel.  Carried by the likes of  Confederate Generals such as J.E.B. Stuart and P.G.T. Beauregard, these finely crafted handguns are incredibly rare and generally the centerpiece of any advanced Civil War revolver collection.

This LeMat was produced in Paris, France from mid 1862 to very early 1863 and features a spurred trigger guard,  octagon barrel and a swivel lanyard ring which is attached to the butt cap.  Manufactured in iron, these revolvers all have checkered walnut two-piece grips.  This uncommon, distinctive revolver exhibits most of the major features of the Second Model LeMat but retains the First Model style spurred trigger guard.  This early 2nd model barrel has a deep and crisp marking which reads “COL. LeMat BTE. s.g.d.g. PARIS”  across the top barrel flat in fancy script.  Very few of transitional models are known and this revolver represents a rare opportunity to obtain one.   Overall condition is Very Good.  No original blued finish remains but all iron parts have evenly aged to a mellow gray patina and the grips show light wear consistent with period use of the handgun.  There is a hairline surface crack along one cylinder as shown, a common problem with the early model Paris marked weapons.  This weapon lacks the original front sight and loading lever assembly, as many do.  The assembly was cumbersome and often removed in the field.  Included with this fine weapon is a modern reproduction loading lever assembly and front sight, should restoration for display purposes on both sides be desired.  This weapon is priced THOUSANDS below normal and typical market retail for these rare Civil War firearms.



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