RARE Federal period American eaglehead sword by Perry


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This fine and massive sabre was the product of Joshua Perry who started in business with Joshua Humphreys of Augusta County, Virginia, in 1775—making bayonets. At some point in time he was in New York but disappears from manufacturer records around 1806. Based on the blade engraving, width, capstan rivet, pierced guard and eaglehead type, this is a Delaware school sword manufactured circa 1790. It would have seen use prior to the War of 1812 and beyond. The fully etched blade has wonderful motifs and markings—it is uncleaned—I will leave that to the discretion of the collector. The original brass mounted leather scabbard is present but broken, as shown. It, too, can be repaired if so desired. This is a VERY rare American eaglehead sword and to my knowledge, no others like it still exist.

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