RARE WWII Nazi German Nordic Rune type SS/SA/NSKK belt buckle, nice!

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Pretty rare buckle with signed documentation of the family of the US GI who brought it home in 1945 from Germany!  This is an original, untouched patina German SA Sturmabteilungen two piece buckle.  It initially was not restricted for wear by the SA, but was also worn by the SS, NSKK, NSBO and some political leaders including Hitler himself!  The buckle is brass and has a silvered face plate which has a sunwheel swastika in the center.  On the reverse it has the standard swivel two pin for securing to the belt.

The sunwheel or sonnenrad is one of a number of ancient European symbols appropriated by the Nazi Germans in an attempt to support their Aryan and Norse heritage.  The sonnenrad appears in the old traditional symbology of many countries and cultures — the swastika and similar rounded variants are all sonnenrad forms, as are certain versions of the Celtic cross.

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