Scarce US Model 1868 Springfield Rifle WITH sling

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Nice, solid example of the US Springfield Model 1868 Rifle chambered in .50 centerfire.  Designed by Erskine S. Allin, Master Armorer of the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts, this weapon was created using surplus US Model 1863/4 percussion muskets as a base.  This example has a lockplate dated 1863 with a breechblock date of 1870.  All mechanics function properly and the weapon has a very fine bore.  These weapons saw a lot of use in the westward expansion era until replaced by the US Model 1873 “Trapdoor” pattern.  The sling is an original Springfield Armory issue typically associated with the M1898 Krag Jorgensen Rifle and appears to have been fired in some form of competition, as there is a hint of bright orange/pink on the elevated front sight.  This is a key weapon in any advanced US martial weapons collection.

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