US M1841 “Mississippi” Rifle, Robbins, Kendall and Lawrence, 1847…original .54 caliber!

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Exceptionally nice rifle and one of 10,000 produced under government contract (1845-47) by Robbins, Kendall and Lawrence of Windsor, Vermont.  This weapon has the very rare “STEEL” marked barrel and has been modified to accept a sabre bayonet.  It has what many term the “New Hampshire” modification, which was accomplished in 1861, that added a sword bayonet guide stud by placing two small screws into the barrel.  In addition, the bottom of the upper band was mortised so the gun could be disassembled for cleaning.  Some experts think the alteration could have also been done by Happoldt of Charleston, South Carolina, as that company altered 338 M1841 Rifles in the same manner.  This fine weapon has a unit or rack number of “19” deeply impressed in the brass  buttplate and all markings are crisp and legible.  The action is crisp as well and overall the general condition is fine plus.  The vast majority of all of the 90,000+ M1841 Rifles produced by a wide array of contractors were altered to .58 caliber, making this example relatively rare.

Presented is a rifle specimen produced by the Robbins, Kendall & Lawrence firm, the first of many successful arms-making companies located in Windsor, Vermont. Often referred to as the ‘Mississippi Rifle’, this shoulder arm is a U.S. Model 1841 percussion rifle and one of 10,000 such rifles produced from 1845-1849.

Overall length of the weapon is 48½” and weighs almost ten pounds.

The factory lacquer-browned round barrel measures 33” in length.  Each of the M1841 longarms had black walnut stocks fitted with brass furniture and a brass patchbox.  All brass has acquired a rich, mellow age patina. The stock is excellent and exhibits a smooth, hard surface.

The M1841 percussion rifle was known as a “Good and Serviceable Arm” for the US military and later for the Confederacy.

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