Very fine Confederate 3″ Read-Parrott shell, GETTYSBURG!

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This is a beautiful and mostly slick 10 lb. rifled projectile that was once in the famous Shields Museum in Gettysburg and is likely a pickup.   There is no fuze.

Ott Shields amassed one of the earliest and most well known collections of authentic and original Gettysburg battlefield artifacts.  In 1918, he opened a private museum that featured the “Shields Collection” which was one of the few documented Gettysburg collections obtained by local families (such as Rosensteel, Danner, Wert, Mumper, and Ziegler).  The Shields Museum closed in the 1980s and the collection was sold at auction on November 16, 1985. Offering over 600 lots comprised mostly of Gettysburg battlefield pick-up relics, the auction attracted several hundred Civil War collectors, dealers and institutional buyers.

Items from the Shields Museum of Gettysburg are very highly sought after and very desirable in any Civil War relic collection.

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Weight 12 lbs