WWII Nazi German Army “Other ranks” Peaked cap (Schirmmütze), fine condition

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This is a super honest and original WW2 example of the M1934 Nazi German peaked visor cap in Army Infantry trim.  It has a black chinstrap which makes it an “other ranks” version as worn generally by non commissioned officers and some enlistedmen.  The body is early War field gray felted wool and the visor is made of vulkanfibre synthetic material.  There is minor discoloration and wear with some minor insect nips present. There are no visible modifications or repairs. The white infantry piping is fully intact. The dark green badge cloth center band is in fine condition. There is a zinc eagle, aluminum wreath and nickel cockade with red felt bulls eye. The synthetic vulkanfibre chinstrap is in fine condition.

The interior is fully lined in off white pleated and fancy weave silk. There is minor discoloration and obvious wear and staining present from actual use. There is a rhomboid shaped moisture shield that is 100% intact and the sweatband is medium tan leather.  It remains soft and supple overall with minor discoloration.  This is a real WWII veteran bring back and 100% authentic and original in all respects.

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